Plant Your Garden From Seed: Hands-On Workshop

Vesper Vineyards, 298 Enterprise St., Escondido, CA 92029
March 26, 2017, 12:00-2:00 pm

In this workshop, Nan Sterman teaches you how to plant and grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs from seed. You'll plant and take home your entire vegetable garden in just two hours!

Nan shares her secrets, tips, and techniques developed over the years for her own garden and while testing seeds for Organic Gardening magazine.

You'll learn:
-- How to start different kinds of seeds
-- The best time of year for starting seeds
-- How to interpret seed packets
-- Nan's favorite seed starting tools and supplies (you'll be surprised!)
-- How to avoid common mistakes and failures

If you've dreamed of growing vegetables from seed or struggled with seeds in the past, this workshop is for you!

PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. RESERVE YOUR SPOT AT http://seedstartingworkshopmarch262017.bpt.me

$95/person. One person per signup. Suited for children (with their adults) ages 12 and older.

This intimate workshop is limited to just 25 people.
THANK YOU TO THE BERRY GOOD FOOD FOUNDATION for providing volunteers for this workshop.

For more information, visit http://seedstartingworkshopmarch262017.bpt.me

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