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Hot Colors, Dry Garden

by Nan Sterman

If you want to use less water in your garden but worry that "going low water" means the garden will be brown and drab garden, this book is for you.;

Hot Colors, Dry Garden showcases 15 beautiful, colorful, low water gardens across California, Arizona, and New Mexico. It includes plant recommendations and information about gardening in areas where there isn't much rainfall and isn't much water to "spend" on gardens.

© Nan Sterman

The view from Nan's front door

Timber Press, 2014

California Gardener's Guide Volume II

by Nan Sterman

As California's water becomes more and more precious, California Gardener's Guide Volume II is fast becoming the essential book for every California gardener.

This is the ONLY book written about low water gardening, specifically for California gardeners

California Gardener's Guide Volume II includes

  • A primer on how to garden in California where summers are long, hot, and dry, and what rains there are, come in winter
  • 272 photo-filed pages with nearly 800 plants, the majority of which are low water and absolutely gorgeous
  • Tips and techniques that focus on the details of creating the garden of your dreams

Cool Springs Press, 2007; 272 pages

Water-Wise Plants for the Southwest

by Nan Sterman, Mary Irish, Judith Phillips, Joe Lam'l

Wherever you live in the southwest, this book will help you create a beautiful, low-water landscape.

Cool Springs Press, 2010

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