California Gardener's Guide Volume II

by Nan Sterman


Everything You Need To Know About Gardening in California's Mediterranean Climate.

Gardening in California is like gardening nowhere else in the world. While all gardening is wonderful, exciting, and surprising, if you've come to California from somewhere else, gardening here takes some getting used to.

California gardeners deal with dry summers, poor soils, minimal rainfall, and frequent droughts. Our greatest successes come from combining California natives with plants from other Mediterranean climates to create gardens that are interesting, colorful, and beautiful year-round.

California Gardener's Guide, Volume II is the ONLY book written about low water gardening, specifically for California gardeners

California Gardener's Guide, Volume II is written for both beginning and seasoned gardeners.

It features 272 photo-filled pages with examples of beautful landscapes and 800 plants, many straight out of the laboratory that is the author's own garden -- time tested and ready for the masses.

Plants cover the range from annuals and biennials to bulbs, fruits and shrubs. Additional chapters cover trees, vines, succulents, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers. Each selection has proven itself over decades, even centuries, to be a beautiful, low-maintenance option.

The author's practical tips, and valuable tables detail California's vast range of climates. California Gardener's Guide, Volume II is a must-have for every California gardener.

Cool Springs Press, 2007; 272 pages

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